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My Delectable Dishes

Florida, Nicaragua, Cambodia & Puerto Rico
Nicholas Johnson
321-352-3097 / 386-301-8306

                      Primarily, "Niko's Catering".
                               "I only prepare my foods with Peanut oil & Sea salt"

For potential contracts & employers.
  I have returned to the states and to the culinary arts.  "Currently" I'm happy where I'm at but will entertain positions overseas. I have a current "Food Handler's Cert & a Food Safety Management Cert". *Nutrition and dietary specialist.

01' - Current & DAK   Day Bch, FL
At the "Dancing Avacodo Kitchen", I'm tasked to prepare foods from standing recipes and follow strict adherence to prescribed methods. I also perform assembly and am rapidly moving towards grill, flat and deep fry endeavors. *I’m normally a systems engineer in construction. At, I continue to build websites and offer SEO services.

19' - 19' Zappi's Italian Restaurant     Day Bch, FL.
I was hired part-time as a line cook and that lasted about 30 seconds. I'm now "Chef to the Executive Chef". My job is to anticipate every need of the kitchen as a whole before the item or task is needed. I prep, cook, assist in the pizzeria, portion foods, QA or any task that's needed.

18’ - 19’            Chart House           Day, Bch. FL
Prep sides and make every item needed for the days anticipated orders. Clean all areas of the prep area during slow times. Perform tasks listed with no supervision, date / tag items and store them as directed by Chart House directives. 

14' - 16'                  Kent's Rentals              Granada, Nicaragua
Simply prepare 2 to 3 basic breakfast items and prepare a lunch for 2 to 3 people that consisted of yellow rice, beans or gondule and whatever meat that Kent brought back to the rental building.

05' - 06'             Ja Fa Fa Hot’s                   Murfreesboro, NC.    
Owner operator, prepare customer specific meals primarily with a southern flair.

92’ - 94                 The Bistro                          Toronto, Ont. 
Food Prep, create entrées, create the soup of the day, food rotation, hire / terminate staff, set up / break down as well as work temp cooking sites for Carabana - obtain permits and vie for best locations.

86' - 89'                            Gigi's                        Buffalo, NY
The greatest part-time job of my life, Preparing from scratch, homemade biscuits, pancakes and waffles to collard greens, cabbage and various types of beans, potatoes and tubers. *This was slow paced "cater to the customer" type of establishment where you could actually focus on one to four plates at a time.

 Don't forget to visit  CV 2019' for my full CV.

Chef Niko
"International Cusine"

I've been preparing food for almost
 50 years but never vegetarian or vegan.

Find yourself some music and enjoy the pictures.

Less can be so much more > A simple
Tempura Sweet & Sour pork w/ veggie rice.

Caribbean Jerk Wagyu Beef Stew

Pork for BBQ and stews MGA, Nicaragua


My own Salsa

The equivalent of "Jerk sauce"

Boneless Nica Chicken

I'm making shrimp ceviche.

Tempura lobster tail w/ thick Teriyaki base. 
"One of my signature dishes".

Common Nicaraguan lunch

 My baby boy, "Nietzsche".

 This is a really great and lite idea for the hot days of summer.


My feeble attempt at Madura with bananas.

Strictly southern, Bear Creek, NC. to be precise.

A very light blend of chicken & pork.

Miss you mom.

Making a deal in Managua, Nicaragua.

More ceviche.

Oh gosh, pork, gravy w/ mushrooms

Seafood blend.
"Another signature dish".

Acorn squash & braised pork.

Granada, Nicaragua

Seafood for my mom's birthday, RIP mom.

Alaskan Cod for Ceviche.

Deep southern flair hinting Cajun

Death by cholesterol.

Served in route to Cambodia.

My "hope to see you again" video.

The Basaac River, Cambodia.

                                            I'm experimenting with all sorts of textures and
                                                 flavors. Ta Khmau Cambodia

I do get around.

Believe it or not

Chart House, strict adherence to prescribed methods.

Back on "JP", my sports yacht.

Groceries for the common Nicaraguan.

I like to fool around.

"No cook" apple pie, I'm diabetic.

No oven on the sports yacht so improvise.

At times less is more.

Ethnic shopping at the Bodega.

Smoked pork & cabbage.

A Spanish style turkey and gondule under gravy experiment.

Boned ham hocks and cabbage.

Hot water bread.

Slab bacon.

Venison black bean chili.

If you're not having fun with food, best to not prepare it.

The meals depicted here from Zappi's are the creations of
Executive Chef, Donnie Uzzle who also happens to be my
                                   best friend in Daytona Beach, FL.

My signature breakfast, I only wanted 3 plates in my repertoire.


I'm still a systems engineer > Nkio's Toy Box

Visit Sloppy Joe's here.

      Simply the best Baby Backs since living in NC.

 Here is a typical Alaskan Cod dinner that I prepared for myself. It seems that there is nothing special about this plate but when I view it from a global perspective, that all changes.
 We are experiencing a global warming crisis and if you haven't already begun to act in a constructive manner, your children and grandchildren may never eat such a simple meal.

  Would you believe that after all you've seen, my recipe for this 
                                sub sandwich is the only recipe I consider guarded.

                                                               Prep for a veal sub.



                                                       Open face souvlaki.

    I also cook for my puppy, "Ven Aca". His name
 is, "Mirage" on paper yet I didn't teach him any English so...

"VenAca" likes crab and lobster to.

 Quite a few of these dishes are my own creations mixing flavors and spices from the four corners of the world.
 I began as a child preparing foods and I never write down recipes because I like to take into account, the country, the atmosphere and desires of my guests. When it's allowed I always ask, "Are you in the mood for Southern, spicy, tangy, fruity, traditional, etc"?
 In my opinion, when you pay attention to your guest's desires, foods should seldom require accouterments.

                                              Bon Appétit.

                *Online CV Patent Pending Nicholas Johnson

Professional References:
Chef Donnie Zappi’s Italian Garden, (386) 944-6400
Chef John, Chart House Restaurants-  (386) 255-9022
Steve Beddard, Owner Walt's Automotive - (386)252-1727
Raquel, GM Burger King (386)258-5973
John Bauchman, Dockmaster Halifax Harbor Marina (386)671-3601

Personal References:
Scott Ellis, Head of the Clerk of Courts Brevard CO.FL. (321)637-5413
Richard J. O'halloran, PH, Merritt Island, FL. (321) 459-1003

Chris Davis, former CPA Merritt Island, FL. (321) 452-5061

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My Delectable Dishes

Florida, Nicaragua, Cambodia & Puerto Rico Nicholas Johnson 321-352-3097 / 386-301-8306                        Primarily, "...